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    Here are the kinds of services we can assume as to help you in domains bound to Business data processing

    With an experience acquired within structures such as Foundation X2000 (loaded to the promoval of the Personal Computers in France during the years 80th), and within varied firms,
    - Either by the sectors of their activity: public utility, metallurgy, animals, estate agency, plastics, services, etc.
    - By their size: from 10 to 600 employees,
    - Or by their geographical implantation: various region of France and Italy, Spain, etc.
    Constantly playing the part of “business data manager” whatever could be the job he had to do evermore, and having finally been graduated “Master” Internet Engineering (MS2I) from INSA and EM LYON (FRANCE), the Data Processing Manager, General Manager of CARMS to, Raphaël PETOZZI can, alone or leading a team, drive the missions you will charge us such as:

    • Survey,
      • Checking and listing existing tools, You have computers (hardware and software) acquired on different stages, in accordance with the evolution of your needs, and with advices of your friends, suppliers, collaborators, partners, or others.

      • Today you wish to have a global vision : We can lead or can help you to lead, a survey as to list all existing tools, their geographical localization, the type of link existing between them, software installed on these machines, applicatifs running on these machines, the installed capacities and the useful capacities needed, etc.

    • Hardware and Software solutions,
    • Financial proposals,
    • Maintenance,
    • Training,

    Our chosen targets are the small and middle firms.
    If you have a project, are motivated, and if you face an ear-phenomenon that slows your action (for example an episodic experience of the use of the tools operated by your firm, or you want to have a look on effective built-in programs that you are not sure your team gets the maximum of profits from them, you are concerned by the obsolescence of your tools and softwares because of insistent proposals from suppliers to purchase new products, or if you have just been told that your data processing manager has left, etc.),
    we are waiting to get in contact with you. You can use "contact" on the right of the menu bar...

    See you soon...

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