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    Here are the kinds of services we can assume as to help you to manage a firm

    Due to a wide experience acquired during near than 20 years within varied firms,
    - Either by the sectors of their activity: public utility, metallurgy, animals, estate agency, plastics, services, etc.
    - By their size: from 10 to 600 employees,
    - Or by their geographical implantation: various region of France and Italy, Spain, etc.

    The chief of the Management Department, Raphaël PETOZZI can, alone or leading a team, drive the missions you will charge us such as:

    • Seasonality analysis,
      • Research and quantification of seasonality: Analysis of sales, purchases, orders, staff, for a couple of months (at least 24 months) to put up the principals types of activity, their cycles, the averages and the expected variations, the usual gap between the ordering date, the supplying one, the manufacturing delays, the delivery date, terms of payment, recovering date, etc.

      • Influence of seasonality on flows: Setting up expected supplier’s credit and its reality, expected customers payment rates and the real ones, cash involved in inventories and works in progress (where personnel's expenses are included), forecasting treasury picks (positive and negative), building up fair treasury plans in order to get the needed lines (spots, current or long term liabilities, secured or unsecured debts, overdrafts), etc
      • Data found are used to get probabilities: get an eye on the following items ...
    • Research of trend,
    • Uncertain Probabilization,

    Our chosen targets are the small and middle firms.
    If you have a project, are motivated, and if you face an ear-phenomenon that slows your action (for example tremendous cash needs whereas the activity is structurally good and in boni, sudden illness of your financial director or your controller, need to have a global vision of your administrative organization without having recourse to someone part of a built-in group, etc)
    we are waiting to get in touch with you. You can use "contact" on the right of the menu bar...

    See you soon...

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