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    Here are the kinds of services we can assume for you getting Internet your's

    Graduated from a “Master” MS Internet Engineering (MS2I) from INSA and EM LYON (FRANCE), and other Certificates related to data processing, and having an experience acquired within structures as “Foundation X2000” (its aim was the promotion of Personal Computers in France in the 80th), and having been in charge of the data processing department of many different firms, the Manager of the Internet Department, Mr. Raphaël PETOZZI can, alone or leading a team, drive the missions you will charge us in such domains as :
    • Expression of needs,
      • Create and animate task forces: creation of groups with people related by their common activity or transversal groups crossing all the activities, as to find out solutions "house made" fitted to your own needs. We are not bound to re-use inappropriate standard tools. We listen you and ear the transversal’s group remarks evoking the collective strategies for creating additional communication tools when the official one are not sufficient, etc.

      • Classification of the needs expressed: ordering the expressed needs according to their virtual emergency degree, hierarchyzation of needs according to the degree of dependence existing between them (starting with the locking ones and ending by those of " comfort "), etc.

      • Setting up a skeleton: check for the existence of internal rules (graphical chart, communication plans, confidentiality rules, etc.), setting up stages to reach and a validation protocol to every stage of the project, an agreement protocol for the proposed modifications to be added to the initial project and consequences that implies, a definition of the realizations that will close the project and open the maintaining period, etc.

      • Specific treatment for complex needs: research of specific tools or possible partners fitted to the particular demands, and able to manage these expectations, settlement of the terms of a fair agreement to solve the problems, possible involvement in a further development of these particular points (as assistant for our customer in his relations with the supplier playing his own part of the project), etc.

    • Setting up tools,
    • Propsective management,

    Our chosen targets are the small and middle firms.
    If you have a project, are motivated, and if you face an ear-phenomenon that slows your action (for example tiny or non-existent notions of HTML, tools for the setting and deployment of Web sites, frequent virus attacks, sudden unavailability of your Web master or Web manager, etc)
    we are waiting to get in contact with you. You can use "contact" on the right of the menu bar...

    See you soon...

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