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    Here are the kinds of Audit services we can assume

    Because of a wide experience acquired during near than 20 years within varied firms,
    - Either by the sectors of their activity: public utility, metallurgy, animals, estate agency, plastics, services, etc.
    - By their size: from 10 to 600 employees,
    - Or by their geographical implantation: various region of France and Italy, Spain, etc.

    The Audit manager, Raphaël PETOZZI is able, alone or leading a team, to drive the missions you will charge us such as:

    • Organization,
      • Back office organization: accountancy, finance, recovery, cash management, and all usual office charges etc.
      • Data processing management (not industrial processes): from checking off all resources involved (human and machines), comparison of the needs of users / software supplied / software really used (does it exist "specific" or "house-made ones", to re-invent things delivered by standard softwares?), the analysis of probable evolutions of the needs and the planning of some stages to cope with, to an assistance in case of planned reorganizations, etc.
    • Finance,
    • Strategy,

    Our chosen targets are the small and middle firms.
    If you have a project, are motivated, and if you face an ear-phenomenon that slows your action (for example hard relations with your banker, sudden illness of your financial manager, need to have a global vision of your administrative organization without having recourse to someone part of a built-in group, etc)
    we are waiting to get in contact with you. You can use "contact" on the right of the menu bar...

    See you soon...

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