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    Here are the kinds of services we can assume as to help you in domains bound to Management

    Graduated from various degrees, and having an experience acquired for near than 20 years within varied firms,
    - Either by the sectors of their activity: public utility, metallurgy, animals, estate agency, plastics, services, etc.
    - By their size: from 10 to 600 employees,
    - Or by their geographical implantation: various region of France and Italy, Spain, etc.

    The manager of the Training Department, Raphaël PETOZZI is able, alone or leading a team, to drive the missions you will charge us such as:

    • Accounting,
    • Management,
    • Office business tools,
    • Internet,
      • To allow the realization of pages for Web sites, but even their maintenance in acceptable conditions, transactions respecting some confidentiality rule when using Intranet as well as Internet, we set up training courses adapted to the previous knowledge of trainee and their aims. Nevertheless we counsel to start with a first stage allowing you to acquire a global vision of what a computer is and of the different players on the Internet world.

      • A training course is now available, called initiation to a PC (disassembly then reassembly), a presentation of operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.), comparison between office tools "free" or not, a description of the partners and tools involved in a session on Internet (their utility, their function, the risks they manage, and those they don't manage), an initiation to the creation of a Web site (notions of HTML, tables, styles, scripts, relations from a Web page to a data base, etc.). We chose to train not only on today standard softwares, but to present some examples of tools of the "free software" community in order to show what could be the evolution of the most important today software leaders on the market, such as the implementation of XML, the need to keep in mind the evolution to “serializers” such as those used by Cocoon (part of the Apache project) to present the same data on different supports. Notions of W3C, Linux, Hackers and crackers, will be exposed during these six (6) half-days.

    Our chosen targets are the small and middle firms.
    If you have a project, are motivated, and if you face an ear-phenomenon that slows your action (for example old fashioned office tools, narrow minded officers or executives, a firm in boni and endemic treasury gaps, illness of your Controller, of one of your Directors, if your desire is to have a global vision of the Web, etc.)
    we are waiting to get in touch with you. You can use "contact" on the right of the menu bar...

    See you soon...

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